Miller Millermatic 211 Review – A World Class MIG Welder

Miller welders are considered the most premium, reliable, and quality welding machines on the market. With decades of experience in the welding industry, they are considered the most trusted and premium welder dealers. Not to mention this Millermatic 211 Review that focuses on the famous auto-set feature.

Miller Millermatic 211 Review

Millermatic 211 is an exceptionally advanced and premium MIG welder that can weld up to 3/8” steel, mild steel, and aluminum. It is a dual voltage welder that allows both MIG and flux core welding.

Millermatic 211 is loaded with tons of additional features. If you ask me the best MIG machine on the market in 2021, I’d suggest purchasing the Miller Millermatic 211 Autoset MIG Welder with closed eyes.

Millermatic 211 Review: Specifications

Brand NameMiller Electric
ModelMillermatic 211
Dimensions20.5-in. x 11.25-in. x 12.5-in.
Duty Cycle40% at 240V/30-230A and 20% at 120V/30-130A
Wedding ProcessMIG and Flux Core
Input Voltage230V
Material Thickness24 gauge – 3/8″ @ 240V and 24 gauge – 3/16″ @120V
Wire Speed 60-600 IPM


As the name suggests, Millermatic 211 Autoset MIG Welder comes with a whole set of automatic features. This means that whether you are a beginner or MIG welding for years, this machine can make your life easier.

Millermatic 211 can weld all your favorite metals including aluminum, steel, mild steel, and stainless steel. You can make quality welds of base materials of different thicknesses – without losing the quality of welding.

Designed for all skillsets, this machine can be the lifetime partner for your daily home welding tasks, hobby welding projects, and even heavy-duty industrial welding work.

Why Choose Millermatic 211?

The Quick SelectTM and Auto-Set feature of this beast machine make life easier for welders. Getting started with Millermatic 211 has never been easier. Just measure the thickness of your base material, select the correct diameter wire, and start welding. You don’t have to worry about any other complex metric or manual settings. The machine will take care of that.

Despite the automated welding process, the welding quality of Millermatic 211 is unmatched. You can smooth and clean welds with a good bead appearance and little to no spatter at all. There’s a reason why Miller Millermatic 211 is considered the best MIG welders among other leading MIG welders in the industry.

Millermatic 211 is extremely versatile and easy to weld at the same time. The stable arc, length of the arc, arc speed, and ability to weld various materials without losing the quality make it one of its kind.


  • Auto-Set feature makes life easier for beginner MIG welders. Just put in material thickness and wire diameter and you are good to start welding. The Auto-Set feature gives out clean and quality welds with little to no spatter at all.
  • Thermal Overload Protection keeps the welder cool even during long welding hours. Millermatic 211 has a duty cycle of 20% at 120V Input power and 30-130A Amperage and 40% duty cycle at 240V input power and 30-230A Amperage.
  • Supports both MIG and flux-core welding. The QuickSelect Drive Roll System lets you change between MIG and flux-core welding in a minute.  
  • The Automatic Gun detection system detects when a spool or MIG gun is connected to the unit. There is no need to switch every time you change the welding gun.  
  • The smooth start and steady wire speed are unmatched as compared to other MIG welders on the market. Millermatic 211 offers the cleanest start you’ll ever encounter with other MIG welders.
  • Unlike other MIG welders, the gas regular for Argon and Carbon Dioxide is included in the Millermatic 211 MIG welding kit.
  • Millermatic 211 is extremely lightweight and only.
  • This machine can be powered with generator and can be used for remote areas welding work. It is recommended to buy a wheeled cart to carry both weighs 38 pounds the welder and generator with you.
  • Comes with detailed user manual, parameter chart on the inside of the unit door, and other useful accessories.


  • The fast wire speed with the Auto-Set feature might be a problem for novice welders. Though the machine is smooth with faster wire speed, it will take some time for novice welders to get used to the speed.
  • For aluminum MIG welding, you’ll have to buy the spool gun and shielding gas separately – thus, adding extra cost.
  • Some welders reported problems with the drive shaft of some machines. When you order your machine, make sure to check in with your supplier and inspect the drive shaft system ASAP.
  • Millermatic 211 can be an expensive choice as compared to other MIG welders by Hobart, Forney, and Lincoln Electric. However, the added features and smooth smart makes up for the added cost.

Auto-set Mode Vs. Manual Mode

There are two operation modes in Millermatic 211 MIG- Auto-Set mode and Manual Mode. Let’s see what you can expect of both these welding modes.

Auto-Set Mode

Millermatic 211 Auto-Set Feature

As the name suggests, Auto-Set mode saves you the hassle of guessing the wire diameter and output. Just use the wire selector knob to select the gas mix and the wire being used.

When you move the wire speed knob full-clockwise, it reaches the auto-set option. You can set the wire diameter to 0.035, 0.030, or 0.024-inch. When the LED bulb turns on, it means the auto-set mode is enabled.

After that, select the material thickness with the auto-set knob.

Auto-set mode is used when you want convenience and speed to complete a welding task. The pre-controls offer the desired welding output by setting the welder controls to ideal parameters. It is available to be used with various wire materials including:

Wire MaterialWire Diameter
Steel Wire0.024, 0.30, 0.035 inch.
Stainless Steel Wire0.030- and .035-inch.
4043 Aluminum Wire0.030- and .035-inch.
Flux-Core Wire0.030- and .035 inch

The shielding gas you use depends on the wire material you are using.

Manual Mode

It is recommended to use manual mode if you’re more interested in your custom parameters. For better adjustments, a parameter chart is given on the inside of the welder’s door. This easy-to-use guide has everything you need to set the ideal parameters including wire speed settings, voltage, and more.

Millermatic 211 Manual Mode

Use the correct gas mix with the wire selector knob and optimize the arc as you weld through the welding material. The white areas on the welder controls let you select the correct parameters in the manual mode.

Key Features

Though Millermatic 211 Auto-Set welder has a lot to offer, here are some key features of this beast welding machine:

Inverter Technology

Modern MIG welders come with inverter technology – just like our Millermatic 211. The inverter technology promotes smooth arc, high welding performance, lightweight machine, and more power. The inverter technology used in this welder is of high quality and with less power and higher efficiency, you get the best welding results.


Miller welders weigh up to 500 pounds. Millermatic 211 is probably one of the lightest weight welders by Miller Electric. Thanks to its inverter technology its portability is great.

Millermatic 211 weighs only 38 pounds. Thus, it is easier to move it in and out of the garage. If needed, you can easily load it into your truck and take it for any outdoor welding task.

If necessary, you can buy a separate wheeled cart to move the welder around. The wheeled cart will also be able to carry all its accessories and your other welding tools. Moreover, this welder is compatible with generators so, a wheeled cart can help with carrying a generator to work in remote areas. Sounds good?

Drive Roll System

The quick-select drive roll system lets you switch between two specific-sized solid wires and one flux-cored wire. You can easily switch from MIG to flux-cored welding in a minute.

Just push in and rotate the wire selector knob to select the wire feed roll.

Auto Gun Detection

Millermatic 211 allows you to either connect a spool gun or MIG gun to the welder. This feature automatically detects if you have a spool gun or MIG gun attached to the welder. Thus, there’s no need to wait and switch between welding guns – speeding up the welding process.

Smooth Start

It offers a smooth start with little to no spatter and fumes. Unlike most MIG welders, Millermatic 211 make clean welds with little spatter and fumes. It offers the cleanest start and smooth arc as compared to other small MIG welders for the money.

Who is it for?

Miller Millermatic 211 is designed for welders with all skillsets. It works best for novice, intermediate, and expert welders. The Auto-Set feature works best for beginners and experts can use the manual mode to weld per their welding preferences.

Thus, whether you’re an expert or just starting as a welder, Millermatic 211 is an ideal choice for you if you don’t want to hassle yourself with complicated MIG welding settings.

With a little practice, beginners can expect to use this welder and get professional welding results.

What is Included in The Millermatic 211 Welding Kit?

Millermatic 211 Complete Welding Package
  • The Millermatic 211 Auto-Set Welder Unit
  • 6.5 ft. power cord
  • 120V/240V MPT adapter
  • MIG Gun with 10ft power cable
  • Welding work clamp with 10 ft cable
  • Hobart 0.030” Hobart wire spool
  • Two contact tips for 0.03” wire
  • Material thickness gauge
  • Quick select drive roll that can hold 0.030” or 0.035” flux-cored wire and 0.024, 0.030, and 0.035” solid sized wire
  • Gas mix regulator for Argon/CO2 and Argon gas with gauges
  • Cable straps for storage and transportation

Warranty Terms

Miller Millermatic 211 comes with a 3-year Miller’s True-Blue Warranty.

Is it worth the price?

When we reviewed the top 12 MIG welders for the money in 2021, Millermatic 211 stood as the most expensive MIG welder on the list.

It is a few hundred dollars expensive than Hobart Handler 140. However, the added features like Auto-Set QuickSelect Drive Roll System, smooth start, and unmatched wire speed makes up for that.

Also, if you want to weld aluminum with this welder, you must buy a spool gun and shielding gas for aluminum separately. So, that’s an added cost and if you’re already on a budget, you must consider these extra equipment costs before making a purchase.

Millermatic 211 Video Review


Thanks for reading this Miller Millermatic 211 review to the end. In a nutshell, this welder has its own set of pros and cons. However, the pros clearly outweigh the cons and this beast is still considered the best MIG welding machine out there.

It’s a good choice for beginners MIG welders. However, note that you might need some practice and time before you are completely able to cope with the fast wire speed.

In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a reply or contact us.

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