LOTOS MIG175 Review – Spool Gun Included With 175 Amp Welder

LOTOS Technology- Are the Welders Worth Your Money?

Although LOTOS is an Australian brand, it has its headquarters in California, USA. That is why we’re here today, for the LOTOS MIG175 review!

Hello, I am Jaxon, a veteran welder. I have been using LOTOS MIG 175 for a week now. One of my welder friends owns it and I have been trying a few things out to write a complete unbiased this 175 Amps welder review.  

LOTOS sells quality cutting and welding tools to DIY hobbyists, farmers, and businesses. They are popular in the industry for their after-sale service and top-notch welders.

LOTOS Technology has received a tremendous response and trust from Australian customers in the last 4 years. Their welding tools are capable to deliver quality welds and offer advanced features for professional users.

If we talk about best MIG welders, the name of LOTOS comes next to Hobart, Miller Electric, and Forney.

LOTOS MIG 175 Review- Overview

LOTOS MIG 175 Dimensions and Size

LOTOS MIG 175 comes with everything a welding enthusiast would need for DIY or professional welding tasks. It is a solid machine from LOTOS and has a reputation for super yet deep weld penetration. The unique features of the welding unit such as the wire feed motor system make it one of its kind.

In fact, it is one of our candidates for the top 12 Best MIG welders on the market in 2021. LOTOS has specifically designed and manufactured it for flux-core welding. However, it comes with its own gas regulator for MIG welding.

You can weld almost anything with LOTOS MIG 175 welder- be it stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, or steel. The arc (175 watts) that couples with the roll wire feed motor and argon shielding are some of the unique features of the welding unit.

A Welder Integrated with The Latest Technology

LOTOS is famous for integrating its machines with the latest technology. The welder we are talking about, LOTOS MIG175, works on merging. Basically, the MIG welder supplies electric current to join metals. It melts base material to create strong welds. Moreover, the welding tool is suitable for heavy-duty industry welding tasks because it offers a high duty cycle.

The use of LOTOS MIG 175 welder is not limited to industries only. You can carry out all the DIY tasks, such as repairing your home appliances or lawnmower.

It is one of the best MIG welders for aluminum welding because it comes with a top-notch spool gun. Moreover, it is highly recommended for almost all other metals including stainless steel, mild steel, iron etc.

The dealer has designed the LOTOS MIG175 with absolute precision, expertise, and the latest technology to ensure that novice welders do not find welding challenging and strenuous.

The welder set includes all the accessories that are usually required for heavy-duty welding tasks. LOTOS Technology is one of those welder manufacturers companies that are concerned about customer demand. They research the market-specific demand extensively and use the latest technology to meet the application. The company has now extended its popularity and customer service across the globe.


Brand NameLOTOS Technology
ModelLOTOS MIG175 175 AMPS MIG Welder
Dimensions18-in. L x 10.50-in. W x 12.5-in. H
Output PowerDC
Duty Cycle30% @ 135 Amps, 20% @175 Amps
Wedding ProcessMIG Welding and Flux Core Welding
Input Voltage220/240 AC
Material Thickness1/4″/18 gauge stainless steel or mild steel, 1/8″ aluminum sheet
Amperage30-175A DC
Wire Speed 58-471 IPM
Power Efficiency80%
Recommended Gas Pressure12-14 L/min


LOTOS MIG 175 welder is supreme for both, the expert welders, and the novice welders. In fact, professionals love this machine because they get to carry on with industrial-level projects with this machine that costs under $1000. It is quite challenging to find a MIG welder with a spool gun and that too, at a competitive price.

Thus, LOTOS MIG 175 seems to be a good choice for welding a variety of materials.

Let us explore the pros of this beast and determine if it is really worth your time and money:

High Power Efficiency

The output current of LOTOS 175 MIG welder ranges between 30 Amperes to 175 amperes. It has a power efficiency of 80% and a duty cycle of 30% at 135 amperes and 20% duty cycle at 175 amperes. Thus, you can weld for longer periods.

Tech-Driven Protection Features

The temperature controller and overload breaker are some of the advanced protection features of the machine. These features ensure that the machine remains safe in case of current overshoot.

Enhances Reliability

The welding unit is integrated with advanced transformer technology which enhances the reliability and performance quite well.

Welds A Variety of Materials

This welding unit is capable of welding stainless steel metals, aluminum, mild steel, steel, and much more.

Electronic Circuits

The two electronic circuits are protection features to prevent damage to the wire feeding system.


Market research suggests that LOTOS MIG 175 welder is much more durable, reliable, and functional than other MIG welders in this price range. It is easy to set up, has an arc system, advanced protection system, and spool gun for aluminum welding.


  • Not suitable for girder work as it causes extensive damage to the welding unit
  • The motor drive is noisy
  • The power cord of the unit is quite thin
  • It takes time to master welding tricks on LOTOS MIG 175 welder
  • Not suitable for production lines
  • Lacks portability as it weighs 85 pounds

Why Choose LOTOS MIG175 175 Welder?

Why Choose LOTOS MIG 175

You can’t make the decision of buying a reliable welder out of a hurry. You have to weigh the pros, cons and compare the features before you invest in a welding machine. The perfect welder in our imagination is the one that delivers flawless welds. LOTOS 175 MIG welder is a quality machine that delivers smooth welds and is worth investing in.

Here are some reasons why you should choose one of the top-performing welding machines in the industry:

Durable and Reliable

It is designed with strong features that promise to perform greatly. The spool gun, for example, aids in aluminum welding, and the flux-core or argon helps to trap all the impurities. Therefore, the welds are longer-lasting and seamless..

Overall, LOTOS MIG 175 is a reliable and durable MIG welder for aluminum.

The Welder Comes with All the Accessories

Everything you need to set this machine up is included in the package. For instance, the standard-sized reels and the wire-feeding spool gun are included in the price.

Moreover, the cleaning brushes, the gas hose, the welding torch, argon regulator, and face shield are also included in the package.

Arc System Never Fails

The steady arc due to electric current heats up the metal and accounts for smooth welds. The arc system functions properly and ensures that you get the best welds ever.

Who Is It For?

The solid machine has deep weld penetration. Whereas, the wire feed motor makes it easier for the user to weld. LOTOS MIG 175 welder is suitable for professionals and pro DIY hobbyists. A professional welder can use it for light as well as heavy-duty welding tasks as it offers commendable power output. Moreover, it can weld a variety of metals, which pretty much seals the deal for a professional welder.

Key Features


Though this 175 Amps MIG welder has a lot to offer, here are some of its key features:

Aluminum and Steel Welding

The high-speed MIG spool gun comes exclusively with LOTOS MIG 175 welder. The accessory enables you to weld aluminum alongside other metals.

Using a spool gun is better than utilizing the machine’s feeder because you can have total control over the power when welding. The spool gun for aluminum welding is 3.2 meters long and ergonomic, which makes it convenient for professionals as well as novice welders.

The ergonomic design and 4-prong end connection allow you to weld aluminum plates of up to 3/8 inches.

Shielding Gas

You can use a gas mix of carbon and argon to perform MIG welding with LOTOS MIG175 175Amp MIG welder. It is recommended to use 75% argon and 25% dry and oil free carbon. This will probably give you spatter free steel MIG welding. Sounds good?

Transformer Technology

The new transformer technology in LOTOS MIG 175 welder allows you to control and adjust its secondary voltage. Moreover, the macro adjustments in the welder’s current output allow you to connect your machine to a 220 V power outlet as well. And the good part is, it only takes 10 minutes to set up the machine for welding.


It is one of the best multi-purpose welders that can operate on two frequencies- 60 Hz and 50 Hz. Furthermore, it is quite efficient in welding other metals. It has the capability to weld stainless and mild steel of up to ¼ inch in a single pass.

The dual-frequency design of the LOTOS MIG welder is quite compatible with the resettable overload protection system.

Aluminum and Flux-Core Gas Shielding

Flux-cored wires rely on chemical reactions and the gases produced from them. The wires work on the slag system to protect the molten metals. Flux-core welding in LOTOS 175 MIG welder protects the metal from water vapors and oxygen which might temper with the weld quality.

Two-Step Trigger

The arc system in the MIG welder consists of a two-step trigger. It allows you to release the gas and then use the arc for a smoother weld.

3-Second Burst Mode

The 3-second burst time mode helps you to weld the content with rhythm.


LOTOS MIG175 175 Welder comes with 1-year parts replacement and labor warranty. Moreover, the welder is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you find a defect in the machine, you will receive a full refund. If you do not wish to get a refund, LOTOS technology will replace the defective piece with a new welder.

LOTOS MIG175 Installation Guide & Setup

Final Verdict

I hope this LOTOS MIG welder review probably helped you determine if this 175-amp MIG machine is the right choice for your work.  

The MIG175 175 Amps welder by LOTOS Technology is a reliable entry-level unit for beginners, professionals, and hobbyists in the learning phase. The users are quite happy with the features, versatility, flexibility, and performance it offers. However, the portability is quite limited. The spool gun for aluminum welding compensates for the limited portability and allows you to produce nice and smooth welds.

If you have something to do with heavy-duty or big industrial welding projects, LOTOS MIG175 175 Amps welder is a great pick for you.

In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. Or simply, leave a reply below.

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