Hobart Handler 210 MVP Review

Hobart has spent decades in industrializing and manufacturing a full line of cutting and welding products. They have been designing, testing, and industrializing a wide range of welders since 1917. This Hobart Handler 210 MVP Review will help you decide if it offers value for money.

Hello! I’m Jaxon – a welding expert. I’ve been around for years and I’m here to help you decide if Hobart 500553 is the right machine for your welding task. This Hobart 210 MVP review is completely based on my welding experience with this machine.

Hobart Welding manufacturers provide you with just the right tool for your projects. All their welders, be it beginners or professionals, desire to amplify their acquaintance in welding works.

Moreover, they always have a product that fits your needs, whether you are in the auto repair, manufacture, or maintenance industry. Also, Hobart welders have built-in technology and state-of-the-art features to make your work easy.

The working possibilities are endless when you have a heavy-duty frame, loaded features, and high-duty cycle of the famous Hobart 210 MVP welder.  


Brand NameHobart Welders
Model500553 Handler 210 MVP
Dimensions10.62-in. x 19.5-in. x 12.37-in.
Duty Cycle30% @150 Amperes and 20% @90 Amperes
Wedding ProcessMIG and Flux Core
Input Voltage115V/230V
Material Thickness24 gauge – 3/8″ thick and mild steel
Amperage25-140 Amps, 25-210 Amps
Wire Speed 40-770 IPM
Weight79 lbs.

Hobart Handler 210 MVP Review – Overview

The 210 MVP 500553 welder builds upon the reputation of the renowned and world-class dealer in the welding industry, Hobart Welders. It is a Flux-core/MIG welder and the only release by the dealer which can run on a power of 210 amperes in a portable case. This welding unit is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Moreover, Hobart 210 MVP easily secured it’s place in our top 12 MIG welders list.

As the name suggests, the welder runs at 210 amperes. However, the power ranges from 25 to 210 amperes. The solid power it dissipates is enough to do small-scale industrial jobs despite its small and compact size.

The ever-so-famous combination of portability and high power output makes it one of the convenient and best releases of the Hobart brand.

However, you will need a wheel cart to carry it around. Yes, it weighs 79 pounds and with a gas cylinder, it is impossible to move it without a wheeled cart.

This should not stop you from believing that it is one of the superior welder choices around your garage or metal workshop.

The impressive duty cycle of 30% at 150 amperes is another plus point. The unit can easily handle 24-gauge materials and 3/8” of thick steel and mild steel. You can expect to have steady yet adequate control while welding 24-gauge fabrics.

The machine ensures that you attain strong and quality welds. All you have to do is attach the separate input voltage receptacles to utilize the beastly welding unit.

This machine is reasonably priced if you evaluate its features, duty cycle, and the accessories that come with it.

Hobart 210 MVP Unboxing & Setup


Nothing is more heartbreaking for a welder to invest in the wrong welding tool. Following are some pros of the Hobart Handler 500553 to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your welding projects:

Easy To Switch Between 115 V And 230 V Power

The manufacturer has designed Hobart Handler 500553 with utmost flexibility. You can switch between 115 V and 230 V power. And for the better part, you don’t require any sort of tool to attach the power input receptacles. You can work from any corner of your home or metal workshop without any hassle.

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP adjusts to the input power automatically. The change in the input power does not comprise the top-shelve arc performance.

You can weld almost anything from the rugged MIG welder- aluminum, steel, mild steel, stainless steel, you name it. The welding device has space at the front to connect the optional Spool Runner 100 gun in case you need to weld aluminum.

Certainly the best machine for welding aluminum.

Set Up Is Simple And Easy

You can expect to get powerful yet high-quality welds right after starting the welder. It offers smooth arc starter.

The setup is easy and even if it not, don’t worry. The welder comes with a comprehensive user manual and a user chart to make the process easy for first-timers and novice welders.

The setup chart tells you everything about the required cord connections while the user manual guides various parts of the welding tool. Both of them will help you operate, install and maintain the device in the best ways possible.

Flexible For A Wide Range Of Applications

You can perform a host of applications with the only 210 MVP welder by Hobart. It can weld and repair anything- from farm equipment, tool carts, fences, and gun racks to bow racks, metal sculptures, garden tools, frames, trailer hitches, and exhaust systems. One can also weld aluminum by using the direct plug-in 100 spool gun.

Simple To Utilize

Hobart Handler 210 MVP wins in having a minimalistic design and user-friendly interface. The guide will help you to understand its functions and operations easily. Besides, Hobart has a reputation to manufacture easy-to-use cutting and welding devices.

Backed With A Long Warranty

The product is backed by an extensive 5-3-1-year warranty. The warranty itself asserts the superior quality of the product. You can get the device services or repaired in the event of the dealer’s fault. But the warranty assures that this machine will see better days, even after several years.


  • Fairly heavy to move around
  • Not suitable for large-scale industrial applications
  • The ON/OFF switch wears out quickly
  • Short power cords limit the flexibility of the welding tool

Why choose Hobart Handler 210 MVP?

There are three arguable reasons why you should invest in Hobart Handler 210 MVP welder. The first reason covers and deals with the superior quality. Every welder who has used this machine will attest to its unparalleled performance on the welding ground. It provides strong finish and quality welds.

Other than that, it is reasonably priced. It carries out most of the household and industrial tasks. It is only incapable of performing a large-scale industrial project. The unmatched stability urges every welder to invest in the flux-core MIG welder.

Hobart handler 210 MVP welder is the pride of the entire brand. It possesses unlimited features and radiates exceptional quality. The functionality and high duty cycle of the machine are second to none. Moreover, the dual power function allows you to utilize minimal energy, which results in high efficiency and effectiveness.

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Hobart 500553 Review: Who Is It For?

Who is Hobart 210 MVP For?

Hobart Handler 210 MVP, also known as 500553 is best for DIY beginners and professionals. It can be used in the business province and also at home. The machine can actively support various household and industrial applications, such as renovation projects, gate fixes, automotive repairs, craft welding, DIY projects, and metal cutting.

You can move it around the backyard, metal workshop, porch, or garden with a wheel cart. However, it is not suitable for large-scale industrial applications. Dealing with extremely thick metals might not be right for this 210 welder. It is designed to support lighter and simple welding operations.

Key Features

Hobart Handler 210 MVP Features

The name of Hobart stands for quality and reliability. Each of its releases is loaded with features and the latest technology. Let’s take a look at notable features of Hobart Handler 210 MVP welder:

Voltage Setting

It  offers 4 and 7 voltage settings. It means that 4 voltage selection options are available if you operate the welder at 115 V. Whereas, 7 voltage selection options are available if you run the welder at 230 V.

These voltage settings improve the arc performance by controlling the wire feeding speed. Therefore, you will have low spatter and vesicle.

However, it is quite tricky to set the right voltage as it differs for wire diameter, metal thickness, and the type of gas. But it all becomes easy once you practice and read the guide carefully. Every problem in the welding world is a challenge until you practice and learn.

Direct Plug For Spool Gun

I suggest using the optional Spool Runner 100 gun if you are working on aluminum. Utilizing the spool gun ensures that the wirework is smooth.

You will definitely get a wire feeding problem (bird-nesting) if you do not use the gun. In short, you won’t be able to get a flat performance.

It is easy to attach the spool gun with Hobart Handler 210 MVP because it has a direct plug at the front.

High Output Duty Cycle

It provides a 30% duty cycle at 150 amperes, which is sufficient for light household and industrial projects. But it will provide a 20% duty cycle if you run the tool at a power input of 115 V.

Multi-Voltage Plug

The multi-voltage plug makes it extremely easy to connect and use your welder anywhere. You won’t have to use any input voltage receptacles. Just plug the tool and it will adjust automatically, in accordance with the input voltage power.

 Built-In Wire Feeder With Tension Lever

Hobart 500553 is loaded with the latest technology. The built-in wire feeder is responsible for providing positive feed with an adjustable, quick-release tension lever. This means that you get easy access to the threading wire to augment performance.

New Cast Aluminum Drive System

The new cast aluminum drive system augments the robust wire feed performance. Moreover, the durable yet sturdy steel increases its efficiency to the fullest. The welding tool will run efficiently for years.

Quick Drive Roll System

The drive roll system consists of 3 different grooves for quick assembly. One groove is designated for flux-cored wire while the other two grooves are designed to fit solid-core wires of different sizes.

The Built-In Contactor

An excellent built-in safety feature, the contactor protects the wire against electrical heating. It will contain the damage until the welder pulls the trigger.

Short Circuit Protection Feature

Hobart never comprises the safety sector. So, the short circuit protection feature protects the unit in case of a sudden surge in power.

Motor And Thermal Overload Protection

The motor and thermal overload protection feature protects the power transformer from excessive electrical heat.

What Is Included In The Hobart Handler 210 Package?

  • A comprehensive user manual
  • Setup chart
  • H100S4 gun (10 ft)
  • Dual gauge regulator with work cable
  • Gas hose
  • Flux-cored wire
  • Spool hub
  • Contact tips
  • Power cord
  • Welding guide
  • Quick select drive rolls


The Hobart Handler 500553 210 MVP welder is backed by a lengthy 5-3-1-year warranty. The dealer’s warranty covers the welder’s parts, transformer, and motor. You can always use the warranty to get your machine repaired and serviced. Hobart promises to fix or replace the machine in case of a manufacturing defect. 

How To Use Hobart 210 MVP?

Final verdict

Hobart Handler 500553 is one of the reasonably-priced welders with an impressive power of 210 amperes. It is manufactured from top-notch equipment and would definitely be an upgrade for you. If you want a compact-size welder with the capability to weld thick metals, this welding beast will be the right pick.

Moreover, it comes with a comprehensive user manual to complement its minimalistic interface. Therefore, it is ideal for DIY hobbyists and novice welders who are looking to practice high-performance welds.

In case of further questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via contact form or simply reply below.

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