Hobart Handler 140 Review – Who Is It For?

Is it your first time buying a MIG welder? Well, if you’re looking for a Hobart MIG machine, you’ve come to the right place. This Hobart Handler 140 review has everything you need to decide if it’s the right choice for your welding needs.

Hobart Welders, the pioneers of the welding industry have a well-established reputation in producing quality welders. Hobart produces high-end welding units for both, amateur and professional welders at competitive prices.

The product line of Hobart welders boasts of a good interface, up-to-date integrated technology, and U.S manufacturing pride.

My name is Jaxon and I have been around the welding industry for a while. In fact, I’m personally using the Hobart Handler 140 for like 3 years now.

Besides me, all Hobart Handler 140 Reviews, and opinions I have come across talk about the apparent yet excellent workmanship and high-quality of the welding units.

They are one of the leading welder dealers in the industry, and it is evident in just about every person’s opinion who have used this beast.


Brand NameHobart Welders
ModelHobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG
Dimensions19-in. x 11-in. x 13-in.
Duty Cycle20% @ 90 Amps
Wedding ProcessMIG and Flux Core
Input Voltage110/115/120 V
Material Thickness24 gauge or 1/4″ steel
Amperage25-140 Amps
Wire Speed 40-700 IPM
Wire Spool Sizes4 inches & 8 inches

Hobart handler 140 Review – An Overview

Hobart is popular for its technological advances, easy interface, and economical price.

The manufacturer boasts that the American-made welding unit, Hobart Handler 140 will serve you for years to come – all thanks to the durable materials, intuitive use, and integrated technological features.

The Hobart Handler 140 is one of the most compact MIG welders you will find around. It is highly suitable for homeowners and DIY project enthusiasts. If you are looking for a small to medium welding unit for maintenance tasks and routine repairs, this might be the right choice for you.

This machine supports both MIG and flux-core welding – making it a reliable choice for household welding and a range of autobody projects. The reason for its common utilization is not far-fetched. The unit comes with a top-notch build and a high-quality structure.

It weighs not more than 57 pounds and can be used on a typical household power of 110V. The light-weight structure allows easy transfers. So, be free to carry it from one place to another whenever the auto bodies require good repair service.

The welding unit comes with some accessories to be used right out of the box. The dealer ships it with various supporting parts including a 10-foot long MIG gun, a gas hose, a controller, a regulator, and a reel of flux-core wire. Once you unpack the items, you only require a gas cylinder and safety gear to start your welding project.

Last but not least, the Hobart 500559 Handler 140 secured second place when we reviewed the 12 best MIG welders of all time.

Unboxing & Initial Setup Of Hobart 140 MIG


Infinite Regulation of the Wire-Feed Speed

The infinite wire-feed speed selector allows to create a smooth bead pattern with minimal spatter. Unlike welding units with wire-feed speed position selectors, you have a wide scope to weld metals with various thicknesses.

5-position Voltage Selector

The 5-position voltage selector is a plus for beginners and amateurs as it helps to tune your welding settings in correspondence to wire-feed speed. You can get perfect welding curves on varying levels of metal thicknesses.

Operable on 110V Power Outlet

First off, it is a great advantage for most beginners as you can plug it anywhere in the house and make smooth welds in no time.

An Ideal Model of MIG Welder For Beginners and DIY Enthusiasts

Hobart handler 140 is what you call a perfect and ideal model of MIG welder for home use, beginners, and DIY project enthusiasts. You have the freedom to weld metal statues, auto bodies, automobile exhausts, gun racks, motor parts, electrical tools, lawn gears, gear carts, and much more.

Minimal Set-up Time

An easy welding unit to assemble and work with, right out of the box. You need a maximum of 5 minutes to set it up and start welding like a pro. The handling is easy- even a novice welder can weld without requiring professional help to assemble the parts.

The welding unit comes with a guide that is very comprehensive and loaded with welding tricks and hacks, too.

Powerful Arc Performance

Regardless of the thickness, you get a powerful arc performance, thanks to the infinite wire-feed speed and five-position voltage selector. You would get smooth and steady arcs in all the welding sessions.

Integrated Safety Mechanisms

Besides the versatility and functionality of this beast welder, it is also equipped with various safety features. The integrated safety mechanisms keep you and your unit safe from damage and injuries during the welding tasks. The thermal overload protection system keeps the internal circuitry of the machine safe.

Cast Aluminum Driving System

The cast aluminum driving system of Hobart Handler 140 is industry compliant in terms of quality. It offers steady cable feeding functionality in all welding tasks.

Light-Weight And Compact

It weighs 57 pounds and has a compact size, which means that you can carry it anywhere with you. Though you might want to buy a wheeled cart to carry the gas cylinder along with the welder.

Double-Processing Functionality

Its dual-processing capability allows you to carry out welds on different materials with varying levels of thickness.

Minimal Spatter

The high-precision arc functionality creates minimal spatter. The post-welding clean-up task becomes easier for novice welders.

Polarity-Change Feature

The quick polarity-change feature guarantees the quality and the strength of the welds.

Appropriate Cable-Feed Out

The accurate feed-out for cable even on low current makes it one of its kind.


  • You would have to invest in a gas cylinder to perform MIG welding
  • The length of the power cord is no more than 5 foot- a bit limiting for a reliable welder as this
  • The 110 V voltage input does not work for several settings
  • Not a good unit for industrial welding tasks
  • Not suitable for places that do not have a direct AC power supply

Why Choose Hobart Handler 140?

All the machines, be it a mechanical tool or electrical equipment, come with pros and cons. However, we see more pros in Hobart Handler 140 MIG welder than cons.

Hobart Handler 140 Inner View

If you want a heavy-duty MIG welder without a hefty price tag for quality welding, you have stopped at the right place, product-wise. Yes, it is probably the best MIG welder around $500.

This welding unit can help you weld a variety of household and commercial items including tools, BBQ pits, sports gear, fence, work apparatus, metal artworks, ornaments, etc. Its structure and build are unbreakable. It means that it can certainly provide you with desired outcomes while handling the task abuse well.

It is a wise, long-term investment that offers great value for money. Also, the unit comes with an industry warranty. So, you are covered for all engineering and mechanical issues and manufacturing flaws for a long period.

Even if you misuse or abuse the equipment during welding tasks, you can expect a smooth bead appearance, smooth use, and no investment in the near future. If the machine creates a hassle, you can replace it or repair it under the company’s warranty- free of charge.

Who is it for? – Hobart Handler 140 Review

Hobart Handler 140 - Who is it for?

Hobart Handler MIG welder is easy-to-use and user-friendly. It is a great option for those who love welding as a hobby. The machine can tackle minor to intermediate welding tasks, which makes it best for beginners to intermediate welders.

It equally works for professional welders as it works for trainee welders. The highly-reliable welding quality and sufficient power capacity offer powerful performance for smooth and steady arcs during welding tasks.

Furthermore, it is capable of producing strong welds on thicker metals. Whether you are looking to invest in a unit again or in search of a welder you can rely on, Hobart Handler 140 is the unit to consider.

It is easy to set up, comes with a variety of accessories, and has the dual-processing ability. In short, it provides outstanding value for money and prepares you to tackle industrial welding tasks.

Key Features- Hobart 140 Review

Hobart Handler 140 Key Features

Hobart Handler 140 MIG welder is loaded with advanced features. The name speaks for itself- a welding unit that can handle all the task abuse.

Though it has a lot to offer, here are some of its key features:

Welds 24 gauges – Up to 1/4”-Inch Steel

You can weld thinner metals including steel, stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum using the MIG welding function. Moreover, you can use the flux-cored welding function to weld thicker steel materials – from 24 gauges and up to one-quarter inch in steel.

Power Output

It gives a maximum power output of 140 Amperes and an impressive Hobart Handler 140 duty cycle of 20% at 90 amps. The Hobart Handler 140 duty cycle is enough for any household welding project, maintenance work, and repairs.

The machine can run on a voltage input of 110 V. It means that you can weld at any spot in your home.

5 Different Voltage Settings

The 5-position voltage selector allows you to weld up to 1/4″ inch of steel, given you keep the machine on the highest voltage setting. Look for the gauge you are looking to weld and move the voltage settings accordingly.

Keeping 16 gauge on the 2nd lowest voltage setting and 24 gauge on the lowest voltage setting is best. Moreover, the unit consists of a door chart through which you can select the right settings for the right material and thickness.

Built-In Wire Feeding Mechanism

Hobart Handler 140 Review Features

Wire feed-speed controls the weld penetration as well we the amperage. A high (static) wire-feed speed leads to burn through. However, Hobart Handler 140 comes with an infinite wire-feed speed selector so you can control the output power and hence, your weld quality. You can make rapid adjustments for varying thickness levels.

Moreover, the integrated rapid-release levers set your angle for smooth and steady welds.

Cold Contactor

The built-in contactor enhances the user-interface of the welder. It’s a safety mechanism in the machines that make the wires cold, electrical-wise. You won’t have to worry about circuitry when the welder is not in use.

Drive Rolls with Dual Grooves

Dual grooves in the drive roll system make switching easy. The system has a knurled groove and a smooth groove to switch from one wire size to another.

Thermal Overload Protection Mechanism

The self-resetting thermal overload mechanism watches the over-loading capacity. It is a special motor damage protection system, found in other Hobart welders too.

Short Circuit Protection Feature

The welder works on a low input voltage. However, current overloads can potentially damage the machine circuitry. However, the short circuit protection feature works against current overloads, whenever the machine exceeds the duty cycle.

Cast-Aluminum Drive Systems

All the units are equipped with reliable yet heavy-duty work clamps and drive systems structured from cast aluminum.

Single-Pass Welding Capability

It can weld as thin as a one-quarter inch of steel from 24 gauge in a single pass. It has a broad output range between 24 to 140 amperes. Thus, it can weld thicker metals with multiple passes too.

What is included in the box?

The unit comes ready-to-use and fully loaded. You can expect the following accessories that come with the package:

  • 8” spool adapter
  • 10 ft MIG gun
  • Unique 100 Spool Runner gun
  • Regulator with dual gauge
  • Gas hose
  • Clamps
  • Work cable
  • Power cord
  • Flux-cored wire
  • Contact tips
  • User manual
  • Set-up guide for novice welders


Hobart Handler 140 MIG/Flux-core welder is manufactured in the US and comes with a long warranty.

The 5/3/1 warranty by Hobart covers labor, parts, and transformer (power source) for 5 years.

Moreover, the regulator, control boards, and drive systems can be replaced or repaired within 3 years.

The warranty also covers relays, contactors, and MIG gun for 1 year. However, the time restraint changes to 90 days if you are using the machine for industrial welding.

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Final verdict

The 140 MIG welder by Hobart is a user-friendly, sturdy, reliable, and multi-purpose welding equipment that offers great value for money. It can manage medium to large welding projects as smoothly as it handles minor welding projects.

It is a good investment, especially if you’re going to work on a lot of household projects. Whether you own a welding workshop or beginning your career as a professional, Hobart Handler 140 makes a perfect choice.

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