Forney Easy Weld 140 MP Review – Pros & Cons

Hello! My name is Jaxon, a welding enthusiast, and I’ve been working as an all-rounder welder for quite some years. This Forney Easy Weld 140 MP review is totally based on my and my welder friends’ experience. I have been using this beast for a few months now.

Forney Industries is a well-known welder manufacturing company worldwide. The dealer’s products are second to none in terms of quality and build. Only a few welder units in the market can match Forney welders’ performance and build. And, for the good part, all Forney welders’ units come with a fair price tag.

Forney welders are versatile for both, industrial and home use, for the stick, MIG, and tig welding.

Another benefit of trusting the name Forney is that the dealer complies with all industry regulations and specifications.

Forney welders are comparatively cheaper than other MIG welders by Hobart, Lincoln Electric, and Miller Electric. Does the price tag make any difference in the welding quality?

Keep following and learn more if Forney Welders are worth your money.

Are Forney Welders Worth Your Money?

Are Forney welders good?’ is one of the most asked questions among novice welders.

Absolutely, the welder units by Forney are multi-purpose beast machines that can handle industrial as well as home MIG welding. They are appealing in terms of features and possess a suitable yet compact design for TIG, MIG and stick welding.

As if the versatility of the machines is not enough, they guarantee efficiency in terms of easy arc start. As for the quality and the built, Forney machines will see better days. They provide great value for money regardless of the high market costs. If you are a novice welder, you would be amazed to operate a Forney welding unit in one go.

That being said, Forney Easy Weld 140 is a popular MIG welder for novice and intermediate welders on the market.

Keep reading and we will thoroughly review this beast MIG machine.

Forney Easy Weld 140 Review: Overview

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP Overview

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP is one of the best welding units launched for novice welders by Forney. Easy weld 140 is graded among the mid-range level of welding units. It is certainly a good welder under $500.

We compared it with 12 best MIG welders on the market, and it secured 3rd place on the list after Millermatic 211 and Hobart Handler 140.

However, it is still one of the star-performers of the Forney industries. You pay a decent price and get a top-notch machine with quality features.

Guess that? You are not confined to MIG welding only with the Easy weld 140. Instead, it supports STICK and TIG welding also. Thus, there are no boundaries to completing your welding projects now.

If a particular welding project requires TIG welding or stick welding, you do not have to purchase a dedicated STICK/TIG welder.

When it comes to the primary audience base, Forney Easy Weld 140 MP is mainly aimed at DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists. However, professionals also enjoy using it for moderate welding tasks.

It operates on a minimum input voltage of 120 and possesses a decent output power.

The multi-purpose welding unit by Forney creates smooth welding arcs with its MIG wheel drive. It also features TIG lift arc start so you can learn TIG welding from scratch.

The build of Forney Easy Weld 140 is commendable, both light and sturdy. You can carry it around anywhere in your home and start your welding work right away as it weighs only 25 pounds. However, we prefer keeping it in the garage for safe storage.

Forney 140 MP Specifications

Brand NameForney Industries
ModelForney Easy Weld 140 MP
Dimensions14.19 -in. x 19.31-in. x 11.61-in.
Duty Cycle30% @ 90 Amps for MIG, 30% @ 80 Amps for stick, and 20% @ 110 Amps for TIG.
Wedding ProcessMIG, Flux Core, DC TIG, STICK.
Input Voltage120V
Material Thickness1/4″ Steel
Wire Speed 79-197 IPM
Spool SizeSupports spool size of 2-10 pounds

Forney Easy Weld 140: Unboxing


Enough of the overview, let us continue our Forney 140 Review by highlighting its ups and down.

This fabulous yet versatile welding tool has top-notch features, is easy to carry, and possesses a light-weight frame. For example, the integrated voltage regulator protects the welding tool from electric shock.

It is carefully designed for both, professionals, and hobbyists. It is safe to mention in our Forney 140 review that these pros provide a way for novice welders to get in-depth knowledge about the welding unit.

Powerful Amp Output

The unit features a powerful output of 140 amps which enables you to weld several alloys and create smooth welds.

Multi-Step Transformer

The multi-step transformer in Forney Easy Weld 140 MP allows you to select one of 4 taps to tune your welding work.

Moreover, the impressive 30% duty cycle @ 90 Amps allows you to weld longer even at the maximum power output.

Great Compatibility

Easy weld 140 MP accepts consumables and guns the easiest out of all the welding units by Forney. This welding unit will not leave you hanging in the middle of your welding task. Besides, it takes less than 5 seconds to dismount your gun from the welding unit, regardless of the size of the gun.

Lightweight, Compact And Sturdy

A compact and lightweight frame does not mean compromising durability. The welding unit has an all casting, permitting more convection. Furthermore, all casting prevents the unit from overheating even after non-stop utilization.

Infinite Wire-Feed Speed Adjustability

It also features infinite wire feed speed to manage small as well as big welding surfaces. The infinite wire feed speed with the right voltage gives you clean and strong welds. Moreover, the wire loads quickly. Also, it can handle wire spools ranging from 2 to 10 pounds.

Multi-Process Unit

Forney Easy weld 140 is capable to do the job using the stick, MIG, or TIG welding. The machine allows you to switch easily between the processes. Further, the TIG and MIG lift arc start account for smooth welds.


  • The gas regulator for MIG welding does not come with the welding tool
  • The accessories for TIG welding are not included in the price
  • The unit is compatible with parts from Forney industries only
  • Flux-core welding can be tricky with this unit for novice welders
  • Some Forney welder reviews say that there is a lot of spatter during welding

Why Choose Forney Easy Weld 140 MP?

Forney easy weld 140 MP is designed by the best European and US welders of Forney industries. The Italian welder manufacturing company has a great reputation in the industry. All the welding units by Forney have equal quality and specifications as the welders manufactured in the US.

The best part of Easy Weld 140 MP is its usability and versatility.

Generally, Forney Easy Weld 140 is used a 3-in-1 or multi-processing welding unit. Why invest in 3 welding units that take up much of your garage storage when you can invest in a welding tool that allows you to do TIG, MIG, and Stick welding?

You can do gas-shielded and flux-core welding using the machine’s MIG welding feature. However, the gas regulator for MIG welding is not included in the package.

You can perform TIG welding with Forney 140 MP but only in DC. However, you can’t weld aluminum with TIG.

The lift arc start is yet another feature to protect your tungsten and compensate for one of the downsides.

Usually, a multi-process welding unit does not offer output power as high as 140 amps. The highest you get is usually 90 or 100 amps. However, you can weld metals with varying levels of thickness with Forney 140 as it offers a commendable output amperage.

Overall, it does a good job as compared to Forney Easy Weld 261.

Who Is It For?

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP Review- Who is it for?

If you are a pro-hobbyist who likes to work around the garage or home, then Forney Easy weld 140 MP is the right choice for your welding jobs.

It is a semi-professional welding unit that provides its users with top-notch features, excellent build, and unmatched performance (power output). A machine that offers 140 amps is suitable for various types of jobs.

The multi-purpose welding unit is perfect for novice welders and intermediate welders.

If you’re a professional, you can use it for your DIY projects in the garage. However, my Forney Easy Weld 140 MP review doesn’t recommend using it for industrial tasks.

The easy-to-use design allows them to switch between 3 welding processes easily. All you need to press is a single switch to change between TIG, Stick, and MIG welding. However, the only technical specificity on the lower end of the spectrum is its duty cycle.

The infinite voltage and wire-feed speed selectors are an absolute joy for novice welders. They are still learning the ropes and adjustable settings allow them to weld with absolute precision.

Key Features

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP Review - Key Features

Forney Easy Weld 140 runs on 20 amps and is designed for plug-and-play welding. The wire-feeding process is quite straightforward. Moreover, the setup and assembly are not complicated- a plus point for novice welders and beginners trying to break through the welding industry.

Though this welding unit has a lot to offer, here are a few key features of this multi-process welding machine:

Easy Wire-Feed Speed Control

The plug-and-play mechanism allows a beginner to operate the unit without any hassle. Every fundamental and instruction is well-explained in the user manual and instruction guide. You can control the power output of the unit and set maximum amps for welding thicker metals.

Besides, you can control the wire-feed speed by rotating the button clockwise and anti-clockwise for increment and decrement, respectively.

Flux-Core And MIG Welding-Capable Welding Unit

The welding unit is popular among welders for both, flux-core and MIG welding. The multi-process unit allows 3 types of welding and two types of MIG welding for versatility.

Euro Connect MIG Gun

The Euro connect MIG gun of Easy Weld 140 allows you to dismount the MIG torch in the shortest time possible.

Single-Pass Welding Capabilities

It can weld up to ¼” of an inch in a single pass using the MIG welding. The wire feed can take up to 0.0035 in. of wire. As of stick welding, the electrodes can weld up to 1/8 of an inch. However, 7018 electrodes lack the following welding capability.

Upgraded Design By Forney Industries

The side cell space is quite larger than other units and can hold spools of wires ranging from 2 to 10 pounds. The small feet make the unit more durable by reducing the sliding factor. The improved weld wrap provides comfortability during all sorts of welding tasks.

Infinite Voltage Settings

The infinite voltage setting system allows you to change from maximum to minimum for desirable results. Unlike Forney Easy Weld 309, it does not have 4 step voltage control system. The infinite control system allows you to set the maximum setting to weld thicker metals if you use the highest settings for wire-feed speed. As for thinner metals, you can set the voltage to minimum.

Single Switch To Use The Multi-Process Unit

The single switch beside the digital display allows you to switch between 3 welding processes- Stick, MIG, and TIG welding. However, you would have to set the welding torch and change the polarities manually.


Forney engineers offer great customer service and are very confident about their welders. The warranty period for Easy Weld 140 MP depends on the machine part. For instance, the transformer in the welder unit is covered for 5 years (labor and parts replacement).

All parts inside the battery charger are covered with a 3-year warranty. Besides, all parts outside the battery charger are covered with a 1-year warranty, including the welder cover. However, the period of 1 year drops to 90 days if you are using the tool for industrial welding tasks.

Video Review

Final verdict

In a nutshell, this Forney MIG welder review depicts that the main benefit of Forney’s easy weld 140 MP is that it can function as MIG, TIG, and stick welder. The quality work and results that it provides justify the price tag. It has a quality build as compared to most mid-range welders in the market.

Therefore, it is a good buy for pro hobbyists and beginners looking to break through the welding industry. While novice welders can learn the ropes, professionals will not have to invest in 3 different machines. If you are looking for the best price to quality ratio in mid-range welders, Forney Easy Weld 140 MP is the best pick for you.

In case of further questions or any queries, feel free to contact us!

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