Best MIG Welder Under $200 – Flux Core, 110V Welders, 220V Welders

MIG welders are certainly remarkable machines in the welding domain. They’re recommended for beginners and yet even the experts use them for their welding projects. Are you looking for the best MIG welder under 200 without compromising on the welding quality? Well, congrats because I, and my fellow welders, have compiled this post listing the best affordable MIG welders 2021.

Hello! My name is Jaxon and I’ve got to help you select the best MIG welder deal under 200. Now some of you might be interested in the speed while some are more concerned about the input power, and some about a long-term MIG welding solution.

Worry no more because here I have each bit of information and valuable advice to help you select the best MIG welder under $200.

Let us get started!

The Premium Choice Around $200

The Premium Choice Around $200

Forney Easy Weld 261 doesn’t exactly cost under $200. It is only a few bucks over 200. And I hope you can manage this slight difference considering this welding machine gives a tough competition to welders that are 3 times expensive.

The welding machines comes with all the necessary features and luxuries to serve you for a lifetime. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to use. You can expect to start working on your welding projects 10 minutes after unboxing the Forney Easy Weld 261 beast. Learn more about the famous Forney Easy Weld 261 in the complete review below. 

Quick Comparison

Forney Easy Weld 261 MIG WelderForney Easy Weld 261 MIG Welder
  • Premium choice around $200
  • Unmatched output in this price range
  • 30% Duty Cycle
  • Supports Flux Core Welding
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HITBOX 220V MIG WelderHITBOX 220V MIG Welder
  • Can Work As MIG Or Flux Core
  • 40% Duty Cycle
  • Lift Tig Function
  • Easy To Use Digital Control Panel
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Forney Easy Weld 299 MIG WelderForney Easy Weld 299 MIG Welder
  • Compact and weighs only 14 pounds
  • 20% duty cycle
  • Best choice for beginners
  • Welds up to 1/4″ steel
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GOPLUS MIG 130 WelderGOPLUS MIG 130 Welder
  • 10-Amp Circuit Breaker Ensures Safety
  • Portable And Easy To Carry
  • 10% Duty Cycle
  • 4 Levels Speed Adjustment
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Super Deal Pro MIG 130 WelderSuper Deal Pro MIG 130 Welder
  • 10% Duty Cycle At 105-Amp
  • 35% Duty Cycle At 60-Amp
  • Variable Feed Speed Controller
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Best MIG Welder Under $200 – Flux Core, 110V Welders, 220V Welders

Selecting the right welder under $200 can be quite hectic. You’re already followed by a budget threshold, thus, one can’t take any chances. All of these welders are either tested by me or my welder friends and the best choices under 200.

1. Forney Easy Weld 261 MIG Welder

Input Power: 120 V

Duty Cycle: 30% (90 amps)

Weight: 12 lbs.

Amperage: 140

Forney Easy Weld 261MIG 140 FC-I


A performance-oriented and feature-rich machine with great portability. Whether you need Forney Easy Weld 261 for metal fabrication, metal repair, or maintenance, it is an easy-going easy machine, perfect for hobbyists. However, it is graded on the low end of the mid-range yet powerful level of welders.

At a decent price, you get a multi-functional machine for stick welding, TIG welding, and MIG welding. The input power of 120V makes it the best welder for home use.

 To deal with day-to-day tedious welding tasks, the welder comes in an all-metal case; sufficient to handle rolls of wire, ranging from 2 pounds to 10 pounds.

When it comes to its star feature, flux-core wire welding, Easy Weld 261 accepts only 0.30 wire. Moreover, the infinite wire-speed control and voltage selector gives you a seamless welding experience. The infinite control over voltage and wire-speed allows you to work with great precision.

A single switch on the metal case allows you to switch intuitively between the 3 welding processes. However, you will have to set the welding torch and polarities manually.

With an amperage output of 140, you can weld mild steel and steel plates up to ¼ inches. While other home-suitable welding machines run on 100 amps, this accessible machine gives you the power to weld thick materials. However, you can only achieve a duty cycle of 30% at 90 amps during stick welding.

With the purchase of this powerful yet portable welding machine by Forney, you get needed welding accessories such as an 8-inch ground clamp and an 80-inch MIG gun.

Besides a 15A-20A adapter, the handle comes with a sturdy torch warp. And, do not forget the 1-year official warranty.


Forney Easy Weld 261 uses flux-cored wire that is used in welding thicker metals. Moreover, slag by flux-core wire is easy to clean up.


  • The flux-core welder can weld cast iron, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel
  • Quick button switch between the 3 welding processes
  • Wire loads easily due to infinite wire-speed control
  • Portable, compact, and easy to use


  • The wire rolls are not included with the welder

2. HITBOX  220V MIG Welder

Input Power: 220 V

Duty Cycle: 40% (200 amps)

Weight: 19 lbs.

Amperage: 120 120

HITBOX  220V MIG Welder


The multi-process welder, HITBOX 220V is comfortable and exhilarating to use for MIG as well as TIG welding. The welder works on IGBT inverter technology and allows you to get your hands clean on flux-core and MIG welding.

The 3-in-1 can work with or without a gas tank. With easy-carry specifications and a low-weight design, the machine is naturally performative.

To use the MIG welding function, you can switch between the solid wire of flux-cored. Moreover, the arc welding option allows you to weld with a maximum diameter of 4.0MM. To give you a heads-up, HITBOX 220V is operable on a generator, which is great news for amateurs.

Besides the MMA and arc functions, you can use 220V with reverse polarity. The reverse polarity functions exist to ensure that you achieve optimal arc welding, as opposed to welders with alternating current.

Also, HITBOX 220 V a constant output voltage due to the closed-loop feedback control system. That being said, a user can work with a fluctuation of more than 15%.

The dynamic control circuit in gas welding options accounts for efficient welding and less splatter. If you are to switch frequency, you can even reduce noise pollution. The ports on the digital display make it easy for you to switch between 3 welding processes. Meanwhile, the right side of the display contains the reverse polarity (negative and positive).

Its futuristics design and ergonomic structures help you to lug this welding unit anywhere.

When it comes to its safety features, the heat adjusting button handles carbon well with steel metal. A torch with intuitive on/off safety control, an integrated cooling fan, and a thermal overload protection button make this welder a CE-approved unit.


A straight-forward design with ergonomic features; it is a multi-process welder with gas and gasless working characteristics.


  • A multi-process welder to do MIG, Arc, and Lift TIG welding
  • It uses IGBT inverter technology
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Generator-friendly
  • 40% duty cycle


  • A little difficult to understand the amp and voltage combination
  • Lack of information in the booklet

3. Forney Easy Weld 299 MIG Welder

Input Power: 120 V

Duty Cycle: 20% (80 amps)

Weight: 42 lbs.

Amperage: 125 Amps

Forney Easy Weld 299 MIG


Forney Easy Weld 299 MIG welder is a competitively priced unit that works on household current and can weld without gas. One advantage of this unit is that it is intuitive and perfect for professional welders as well as beginners.

The unit features a plug-and-operate design. All you have to do is connect it to the power source and use it to make quality welds. One does not have to worry about shielding gas. In fact, the assembly time of this unit is less than 5 minutes.

Although Forney Easy Weld weighs 42 pounds, it is not bulky as it seems. You can carry it around easily with a wheelbarrow. Moreover, the durable handle on the gauged metal case makes transportations easier and quicker.

However, it is only designed to perform flux-cored wire welding. Unlike other MIG welders, there’s no option to weld with gas. Hence, you can weld mild steel but not stainless steel.

As the duty cycle is graded as 20% at 80 amps, you can enjoy a welding time of 2 whole minutes. However, you will have to let it cool down for the next 8 minutes.

The 2 voltage settings allow you to switch between high and low power options for thick and thin metal sheets, respectively. To choose the appropriate power setting and wire-feed speed for metal welding, you can refer to the chart inside the cabinet.

The thermal overload protection feature shuts off the unit automatically to avoid damage from overheating. The automatic restarting system resets the unit once it is cool.

As it is generator-friendly, you can operate it with a generator that supplies an appropriate power supply. Moreover, the MIG welder accepts spools of 2 and 10 pounds roll of wires.

The 6-month warranty covers everything, from workmanship to defects in manufacturing. However, you have to claim within 90 days if something goes south.

Pro Tip

It has an automatic restarting system over thermal overload protection feature. Moreover, the uses two consumables for steady and smooth arc.


  • Can weld metals up to ¼ inch
  • The unit uses two consumables for steady and smooth arc
  • The 20% duty cycle is suitable for semi-professional metalwork
  • Flux core welder
  • Easy to set up


  • Only 2 power/voltage settings
  • Heavy as compared to Forney Easy Weld 261

4. GOPLUS MIG 130 Welder

Input Power: 110 V

Duty Cycle: 10%

Weight: 35 lbs.

Amperage: 105 Amps

GOPLUS 130 MIG Welder


Apart from MIG welding GOPLUS MIG Welder 130 offers flux-cored, gasless welding. With a feature as great as this, you won’t have to spend a dime on gas cylinders. One of the best features of this unit is that it releases inert gas during welding, which protects the metal against oxidization.

While the maximum amperage or power output is 105 Amps, it operates on 120V, which is enough to carry out simple repair jobs and light workshop repairs. However, it can’t weld thicker metals.

The 4 heat settings allow you to work on a wide range of light welding projects. With versatility in the heat settings, you can make perfect welds for a wide range of applications. However, you would have to switch the heat power to full if you need deep welds on thin metal sheets.

When it comes to speed customization, the unit comprises a 10-step wire-feed speed controller. For thicker sheets of metals, you would need to switch the wire-feed speed to higher. Combine the wire-feed speed with the right heat settings and your welds will turn out smooth over a wide range of applications. Moreover, the 10-step wire-feed speed controller has a rotary knob for easy use.

The unit also offers 4 adjustable current flow settings. To control the current flow, you can switch between 1,2 min and max.

Most welding units now come with built-in thermal overload protection. It is to make sure that the unit is safe from fire accidents and other hazards. The thermal overload protection system in the GOPLUS MIG welder works by shutting it down automatically if the unit is at work for a long time. This protection button aims to prevent damage to your machine as exceeding the duty cycle decreases the shelf life.

When it comes to the unit’s design, the two air-vent systems win us over. It helps the MIG welder to dissipate heat. Other than that, the MIG welding gun is integrated with an emergency ON/OFF control for utmost safety.

The manufacturer kept durability in mind and made its body out of heavy-duty stainless steel. Moreover, its compact size makes it convenient for the user to store it in the shop or garage.

Best Feature

The 4 heat settings allow you to weld for various applications; to weld thicker metals, you must choose the highest heat setting.


  • 10-position wire-feed speed controller
  • 4 heat settings help to make precision welds
  • Offers flux-cored welding capabilities
  • Inert gas is used to prevent oxidization on the surface of the metal


  • No battery-powered feature
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty welding projects

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5. Super Deal Pro MIG 130 Welder

Input Power: 120 V

Duty Cycle: 35% (60 amps), 10% (105 amps)

Weight: 38 lbs.

Amperage: 120 Amps

Super Deal Pro MIG 130 Welder


A competitive welding unit that is popular due to its entry-level cost. Super Deal Pro MIG 130 is best for users who want to perform short and quick welding projects. Even though the duty cycle and output amperage are quite unimpressive, it holds a great place in the market for its price.

With 4 amperage settings, the welding range lies between 50 Amps to 120 Amps. However, you can access different amperage settings by throttling 2 switches on the display of 130 MIG welder.

While one switch allows you to set the amperage on Minimum or maximum, the second switch sets the amperage at 1 or 2. That being said, max + 2 is the highest welding output of this unit and minimum +1 is the lowest welding output.

Even though the manufacture sells it as a MIG welder, it does not use gas. Instead, it works on the flux-cored wire. The flux-cored welding is better for short and quick projects as it always provides protection to the unit, the filter metal, and the welding object.

With Super Deal Pro MIG 130 Welder, you would be able to weld a metal ranging from 18 gauge to 3/16th inches in thickness. Welding a metal of thickness ¼ inches is only possible if you have purchased a multi-purpose flux-cored welding wire with this unit.

As of specifications, the unit is integrated with a thermal safety protection system which shuts it down before overheating. It means that the unit will shut down automatically after 1 minute as the duty cycle will exceed 105 Amps.

After the thermal overload protection, the in-built cooling fan cools the welder so you can use it again after 9 minutes.

Best Feature

The 4 amperage settings for versatility and flexibility. The amperage settings along with thermal overload protection and 35% duty cycle make it a beast.


  • Automatic thermal overload protection
  • Compact and easy to carry around for outdoor welding projects
  • The 4 amperage settings allow you to weld with great flexibility


  • Suitable for only easy and lightwight welding
  • 10% duty cycle at 105 Amps

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the people’s favorite Forney Easy Weld 261 tops the list of the best MIG welder under 200. It supports flux core, has a 30% duty cycle at 90Amps, and the most recommended choice in the long run.

If you don’t want to buy Forney 261 for any reason, I’d suggest getting the Hitbox 220V MIG Welder. However, you might need a special power outlet at your place to use this 220V beast at its best.

Remember, a MIG machine that works best for me may not serve the same deal to your kind of welding work. Thus, thoroughly go through the key features, pros, and cons of each welder above before making the final purchase decision.

In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a reply contact us here.

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