Best MIG Welder For Home Use 2021

Hello! My name is Jaxon and I’ve got to help you findthe best MIG welder for home use in 2021.

Note that I’ve been in the welding industry for years and the following review is based on my personal experience – with some valuable suggestions from my welder friends.

Those days are long gone when welding meant large industrial spaces, high-end equipment, and professionals with years of experience. Modern metal inert gas or MIG welders have revolutionized the small-scale welding.

Whether you’re a professional welder looking forward to turning your garage or backyard into a small welding shop or a DIYer with awesome welding project ideas, you’ve landed on the right page.

A Quick Comparison

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG WelderHobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder
  • Can weld a variety of metals
  • 25-140 Amperage
  • Compatible with different sized spool
  • Multi voltage selector
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FORNEY Easy Weld 140 Fc-IFORNEY Easy Weld 140 Fc-I
  • Infinite voltage control
  • Weighs only 19 lbs.
  • Easy wire speed control
  • Durale metal casing
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Lincoln Electric k2278-1 MIG WelderLincoln Electric k2278-1 MIG Welder
  • 35-88 amperage
  • Portable, compacy, and easy to use
  • Can weld 1/3 in. mild steel
  • Thermal overload protection
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Hobart Ironman 230 MIG WelderHobart Ironman 230 MIG Welder
  • 30-230 Amperage
  • Adjustable welding and penetration
  • Automatic wire alignment
  • Can easily change wire spool
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LOTOS MIG 140 WelderLOTOS MIG 140 Welder
  • Supports flux-cored welding
  • Thermal overload protection
  • 30-140 Amperage
  • Comes with 2T/4T Switch
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HITBOX Inverter MIG WelderHITBOX Inverter MIG Welder
  • Supports ARC, TIG, LIFT, and MIG welding
  • Heavty duty panel
  • Weighs only 19 lbs. so quite portable
  • Durable welds
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Best MIG Welders For Home Use

1. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder

Input Power: 115 V

Duty Cycle: 20%

Weight: 57 lbs.

Amperage: 24-140 Amps

Power Settings: 5-position voltage selector and wire feed speed ranging from 40 to 740 IPM- operates on the standard household current of 115V

Hobart Handler 500559 is a compact wired-feed machine that is durable and versatile for DIY welding projects.

Hobart’s durability, high-end performance, and versatility are a few reasons why it tops the list of reliable home MIG welders. It can weld a wide array of metals including stainless steel, aluminum, steel, and even thin gauge (steel) of thickness up to ¼ “.

Even though Hobart Handler 140 is considered a home MIG welder, its industrial performance will stun you too. Thanks to the machine’s heavy-duty work clamp and industrial-appropriate aluminum drive system, you can utilize Hobart in different environments, both outdoors and indoors.

If you live in the countryside, you would need a robust, high-performance welding machine to complete farm welding projects and repair auto bodies. Hobart Handler 140’s positive reviews by beginners and expert welders indicate that it’s a machine with impressive capability, multiple functionality and matchless versatility. Its highly-powered industrial cast drive system will let you accomplish any task smoothly.

Limited space at your barn or workspace? No worries, Hobart 140’s compact design allows you to accomplish any welding task on standard household power of 115V.

The control panel is located at the extreme front of the machine so that the user can easily make necessary adjustments to the welding process – if needed while welding. Hobart’s thoughtful and compact design makes it an optimal welder for beginners as well as industrial professionals.

Use the flexible 5-position voltage control selector to customize the machine to your welding needs. Moreover, the advanced, quick-release aluminum drive roll system allows the user to change wires instantly. This way, you won’t have to work through the machine’s thickness and welding settings manually.

Pro Tip

If you are a novice welder, Hobart Handler 140’s quick-release drive roll system will help you choose the right wire, gas, and welding material.


  • 20-amp circuit only to perform its best
  • A heavy-duty clamp and quick-release drive roll system
  • The sloped control panel is at the front to change settings even while welding
  • Infinite control over Hobart’s wire feed speed


  • The duty cycle at 90 amps (20%) limits the welder machine’s performance
  • Well-suited for small to medium projects only

Read the complete Hobart 500559 Handler 140 review here.

2. FORNEY Easy Weld 140 Fc-I

Input Power: 120 V

Duty Cycle: 30%

Weight: 19 lbs.

Amperage: 140 Amps

Power Settings: Infinite wire feed speed and voltage control selector- operates off 120V

The Forney easy welder 140 FC-I took second place on our list for the best MIG welders for home use. Its infinite wire feed speed and voltage control selector grants superior welding control to the user interested in completing DIY welding projects smoothly.

Not only will it teach you the art of welding but will also help you with fine-tuning arcs for your favorite welding materials.

Forney Easy Weld provides an excellent balance between convenience and power. It is designed to be the ultimate maintenance and repair tool for welding hobbyists and enthusiasts.

The inverter technology helps you achieve higher electrical efficiency, thereby, giving you smoother arcs and a matchless welding experience.

Setting up a welding machine is a challenging task itself. However, Forney saves you of this hassle as it does not require an elaborated set-up. Buy it, unwrap it, get it out of the box and get to welding right away!

You can try out beveling and multiple pass techniques on the robust machine as it grants a superior output amperage of 140 amps. An amperage as high as this can weld mild steel with thickness up to ¼”. However, in its normal settings, it can weld any material of thickness up to 3/16”.

Easy Weld also offers excellent wire capacity, including a 10-position wire speed control to get the best out of the wire’s performance by varying the heat.

The welder is versatile in nature and the 8-foot MIG gun that comes with it is the proof. Combine the MIG gun with an 8-foot ground clamp to weld a slightly far area on your workpiece.

As a novice welder, you should always test the design when looking for the best MIG welder for home use. Forney’s metallic housing and compactness make it one of the best MIG welders for house projects.

Pro Tip

Leave the welder on, even if the thermal overload protector is engaged. The cooling fan is used to protect the machine’s components and requires power to run.


  • The overload protector triggers automatically when airflow is cut off
  • The 20-15 A adapter can be used if the 20-amp circuit is not available
  • Supports 0.03” self-shielding flux-core wire
  • The plastic handle makes it more portable


  • You have to buy the gas regulator for MIG welding separately

3. Lincoln Electric k2278-1 MIG Welder

Input Power: 115 V

Duty Cycle: 20%

Weight: 45 lbs.

Amperage: 35-88 Amps

Power Settings:  10-position wire feed control selector and 2 additional switches for voltage settings- operable on 115V

The Lincoln k2278-1 Handy core is a good yet practical choice for novice welders. It secured third place on this list for its quality welds, efficient in-built features, and affordable price.  

When it comes to buying the best home MIG welder, Lincoln is the choice of many.

Let’s see what the device has to offer to novice welders:

Ideally, Lincoln Electric’s welder machines are well-suited for repairing mild steel. However, the model, the k2278-1 handy core also works for industrial space, workshop, and garage welding projects.

This high-end performing welder machine by Lincoln has different settings, ranges, user-friendly controls, and intuitive design to help welders polish their skills.

It is a light-duty welder machine with a 20% duty cycle at 70 amps. While the lowest amperage setting option is 35 amps, the highest amperage option is 88 amps on Lincoln k2278-1.

K2278-1 handy core can weld mild steel, with thickness ranging from 18 gauge to 1/8”.

This welder operates off 115V. However, it will keep tripping on the standard household voltage. You would have to connect it to a 20-amp circuit (3-pin traditional plug) if you want maximum performance.

The wire speed control lets you change the speed so you can polish your welding techniques. Moreover, it operates from 0 to 300 inches per 60 seconds.

The power settings are pretty easy to understand. The voltage selector has 2 additional switches, that are nothing but high and low voltage indicators. Next to the ON/OFF switch, you will find a safety button to keep your wiring cold until you trigger the welder machine.

Pro Tip

To avoid unwanted, rough arcs, use the cold safety feature. All you have to do is press down the button when using the machine. This way, you won’t have to keep down the MIG gun while welding.


  • Can weld up to 1/8” of mild steel
  • It is a light-duty flux-core welder that operates without gas
  • The wire speed goes from 0 to 300 inches per minute
  • The cold safety feature helps to keep the wire cold


  • Not well-suited for heavy-duty projects
  • The user manual has a complicated communication tone

4. Hobart Ironman 230 MIG Welder

Input Power: 230 V

Duty Cycle: 60%

Weight: 185 lbs.

Amperage: 30-250 Amps

Power Settings: 12 tap voltage settings with magnified and simple adjustments- operates off 230V

The Hobart Ironman is designed to handle any type of welding work at home and professional welding garage. It deserved to be on our list of best home MIG welder as it can work as a shielded flux-cored welder as well (apart from MIG welder).

Even though this machine is designed to weld mild steel with a thickness of up to ½”, it is also capable to weld stainless steel and aluminum.

Hobart Ironman has left many competitors behind due to its durability, high-end performance, versatility, smooth arcs performance, duty cycle, 12-tap voltage control settings, magnified settings, output amperage, and value for money.

It is best to be used at industrial sites as it operates off 230V, so, it does not operate very well if connected to a standard household power outlet.

Users can control the arc as well as the voltage settings, thanks to its 12-tap voltage control selector. The impressive digital display at the front end of the welder machine keeps showing the voltage user is working on for a smooth weld.

The product comes with an advanced reversible drive roll system. This feature has 2 grooves for 2 different types of wire rolls.

The infinite wire feed speed controller with enhanced bead shape adjustment allows the user to have full control while penetrating through the material.

Last but not the least, the thermal overload protector feature saves the internal components of the machine from damage and overheating.

Pro Tip

Use the spool hub on the wiring feeding panel to change the spools easily.


  • The brake tension system allows the user to change wire spools easily
  • Built-in cylinder rack for MIG welding
  • The automatic wire alignment feature allows smooth welding and arc performance
  • Do not have to spend time changing drive rolls manually


  • Heavy weight as compared to other welders on the list
  • The wire guide is not in perfect alignment with the rollers

5. LOTOS MIG 140 Welder

Input Power: 110/120 V

Duty Cycle: 20%

Weight: 54 lbs.

Amperage: 30-140 Amps

Power Settings: 2 digital displays to control the voltage and wire feed speed settings, operates off 110V.

LOTOS is quite popular for producing and manufacturing premium-quality welders and cutters. When it comes to finding the best DIY MIG welder, one must not forget to look into LOTOS’s welder collection. They have a stern reputation for producing affordable and high-performing cutters and welders.

The LOTO MIG 140 welder’s performance equals that of an industrial welder machine. If you are in the starting months of welding, it is a great option to switch to.

LOTOS MIG welder 140 offers you 2 digital displays at the front end for precise work and to keep track of the voltage and wire speed control settings. The biggest flex of this welder is its multi-use feature. It allows you to weld aluminum, steel, stainless steel, mild steel and other materials of the steel family.

The changeable welding options make it easier for novice welders to use it as you can switch from manual to automatic in no time. Even though it is not the most powerful welder machine in the market, it is a great choice for novice welders.

The control panel is quite understandable for a first-timer. Below the main switch (power button) at the top left of the panel, you have the option to change voltage and wire feed speed together. At the top right, you will see two digital displays, showcasing the diameter and the voltage of the arc.

Note that LOTOS 140 MIG comes with ‘the 2T/4T’ switch. While 4T switch provides automatic welding for a longer time, 2T provides manual welding option for short periods.

Pro Tip

Some issues have been reported regarding the machine’s wire feeder. Make sure to test yours to avoid future problems.


  • Great performance to price ratio
  • The 4T switch sets the voltage of the arc automatically
  • Easy to access the power button (on the control panel)
  • 2 digital displays for wire feed speed and voltage settings


  • Non-interchangeable accessories
  • Works best with a circuit breaker of 30 amps

6. HITBOX Inverter MIG Welder

Input Power: 220 V

Duty Cycle: 60%

Weight: 36 lbs.

Amperage: 200 Amps

Power Settings: Adjustable wire feed rate and power settings- operates off 220V for TIG welding

The best DIY MIG welder is the one with matchless versatility, durability, and comfortability for novice welders. If you want to invest in a welder machine with gas and gasless characteristics, consider the Hitbox inverter MIG welder– your reliable device for TIG welding.

Whether you want to use it for TIG or MIG welding, the good number of accessories that come with the pack will amaze you for sure.

Apart from modern features and a good accessory set, its compact and sturdy design will leave you happy after the purchase. The handle at the top of the welder will allow you to transport it easily.

Hitbox inverter MIG welder uses 220 DCV (inverter technology) with reversed polarity. The inverter technology in the welder allows the user to perform high arc welding. You can use it to weld electrodes with a thickness of up to 1/8”.

Hitbox welder unit also features two advanced control functions: UC3846 and STM32 series MCU. The inverter control and switch (with 50Hz frequency) allow the user to use the robust machine comfortably.

Regardless of the electrode, you choose to work with, the unit can work with dual tanks. In addition to that, Hitbox can be used for flux-cored and MIG welding too.

The overheating protector feature and noticeable vents below manages the power well. It means that you can use the unit flawlessly, without any difficulty.

Some intriguing features of the unit include feature inscriptions and legs (for an ergonomic metallic structure).

Pro Tip

The MMA function, Lift TIG, and MIG welding (with and without gas) features make it an optimal welding machine for experts as well as beginners. The ports, visible on the front end allow you to switch from one function to another easily.


  • Comprehensive instruction manual
  • Good value for money
  • Comes with infinite voltage controller
  • Light weight and portable


  • Short leads
  • Low-amperage welder

7. FORNEY Easy Weld 140 MP

Input Power: 120 V

Duty Cycle: 30%

Weight: 24.8 lbs.

Amperage: 10-140 Amps

Power Settings: Infinite wire feed speed control and voltage settings

I believe that every welder should invest in only the best home MIG welder even if it’s their first time buying a welding machine.

The best thing about Forney’s Easy Weld 140 is its versatile nature. This unit provides 3-in-1 welding options. You can use it as a stick welder or use it for TIG and MIG welding. Why invest in 3 different units when one can turn into 3 by a click on the button.

Let’s talk about Forney 140 as a MIG welder. It can assist both, gas-shielded welding as well as flux-cored. However, to turn it into a MIG welder, you need a gas regulator, which is not included in the pack.

When it comes to TIG welding, you would have to do it in DC mode only. Also, the TIG gear is not included in the pack but is sold separately.

The Forney unit offers an output power amperage of 140 amps at 120V. As it is a multi-function unit, you can weld multiple materials with ranging thickness.

However, there’s a disadvantage. The duty cycle of the stick welder reduces to 30% at 80 amps. The stick welder with low output amperage is not well-suited for medium to large scale projects.

The single switch allows you to change to three modes: stick, MIG, or TIG. However, you will have to set the welding torch settings and polarities manually. The rest of the functionalities are automatic- another great advantage for beginners.

Pro Tip

Make sure not to TIG weld the aluminum. Instead, turn on the MIG welding mode for better results.


  • 3-position switch to change modes quickly
  • Infinite voltage and wire feed speed control selectors for smooth welds
  • Offers 140 output amperage at 120 V
  • The metal and plastic components are long-lasting


  • Low output amperage when used as a stick welder
  • TIG welder mode is not suitable to weld aluminum

Read the complete review of Forney Easy Weld 140 MP here.

8. LOTOS MIG 175 Portable Welder

Input Power: 220/240 V

Duty Cycle: 20%

Weight: 85 lbs.

Amperage: 30-175 Amps

Power Settings: Wire speed and feed rate adjust knob with up to 10 settings, potentiometer knob, overheat light indicator, and a gun trigger.

The LOTOS MIG 175 has almost every feature that an entrepreneur welder wants. When in hands, the unit offers seamless welding. The machine is specially designed to be used as a flux-cored welder.

Moreover, it has its gas regulator as well. From steel to aluminum, you can weld anything with this unit. LOTOS claims it to be the most flexible welder machine that they have ever manufactured so far.

LOTOS MIG 175 welder is a feature-packed device that offers a 20% duty cycle when working in full capacity. The wire feed and welding speed management features are quite impressive for regular usage. Thanks to its highly-functioning wire feed motor, the unit’s weld penetration rate is quite good.

The overload protection feature protects the internal components from getting damaged. If you need to weld across a wide range of materials and surfaces such as aluminum, brass, alloy, steel, stainless steel and mild steel, this is one of the best options for you.

With little to no distortion and heat input, you can easily achieve clean cuts and smooth arcs. However, it weighs 85 pounds, which is quite heavy as compared to other welders on our list.

LOTOS 175 has one feature to include a spool gun, through which a user can achieve seamless welds in a single pass. LOTOS has designed it for DIY project doers while including every feature that a professional welder wishes to have in his device.

Pro Tip

To use the arc, press the two-step trigger to release the gas first. Moreover, the machine works best for aluminum welding.


  • The machine is auto-timed (bursts after every 3 seconds)
  • The two-step trigger system for seamless welding
  • Wire feed speed is adjustable for aluminum welding
  • Well-suited for fabrication work


  • Not suitable for production lines
  • Heavy weight

Buyer’s Guide to Select The Best MIG Welder for Home Use

All the welders listed above are carefully selected by me and my fellow welder friends. With years of experience in the welding industry, I can say that each one of them has something better than the others.

However, there are certain things that you must consider before making the final purchase decision. Therefore, make sure to ask yourself the following questions before you buy yourself the best home MIG welder:

How much should I spend on a home MIG welder?

It totally depends on the usage. If you’re a professional who wants to set up a small welding shop in the yard or garage, I suggest choosing the Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG welder. It is the premium choice on this list.

As a professional, you’ll probably use it every now and then. So you must choose a durable welding machine that can serve you for years.

On the other hand, DIYers or vehicle modifiers who come across welding only once in a while should look for a more affordable choice like Forney 140 Fc-l or Lincoln Electric k-2278.

Safety Features to Look in a Home MIG Welder

You wouldn’t want to put your precious house at risk, would you? Make sure the MIG welder you select for home use have thermal overload protection and an inbuilt contactor.

The thermal overload protection safety feature automatically turns off the machine once its reach the duty cycle.

Whereas an inbuilt contactor keeps the wire cold and controls the power automatically when the welder is operational.

Gas Vs. Gasless MIG Welders

Both gas and gasless welders come with their own ups and downs. The good news is, you can find both options in one MIG welder.

In the simplest words, gas welding gives a clear view of the welding area and fewer spatters are produced during welding. It is suitable for indoor welding.

On the other hand, gasless welding is preferred if you want to weld outdoors. Unlike gas welding, you don’t have a clear view of the welding area in gasless welding.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Final Verdict

Choosing the best MIG welder for home use totally depends on your usage. However, there are certain things like safety features, accessories that come with the welder, and duty cycle that you must consider before making the final purchase decision.

In case of further questions or any expert advice, feel free to leave a reply or contact us via this contact form.

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