About Welding Rage

About Welding Rage

Welding Rage came into existence following a discussion between Adam Hayes, an aspiring writer, and Jaxon J. with years of experience in the welding industry. Sharing our thoughts about the best big welder on the market, we decided to take an initiative and launched Welding Rage.

If you’re trying to choose the best MIG welder to buy in 2021, we believe you have a lot to learn at Welding Rage.

A welding machine is supposed to serve you for the last time. It’s not a product that you can buy again after a few months. Thereby, make sure not to select a machine solely based on your family, friends, or colleague’s recommendation.

At the same time, it can be quite hectic choosing the best MIG welder considering a wide range of options available. Not everyone has enough time to research each brand, their best welding machines, and then the marketplace to make a purchase.

This is where Welding Rage shines.

Welding Rage

Welding Rage is aimed at providing you authentic information on welding machines through “top X list” and individual reviews based on audience demands.  

We’re a team of four on a mission to help you choose the best MIG welder, welding gear, and accessories.

Our idea is to make Welding Rage a one-in-all solution for anyone interested in professional or DIY welding, welding gear, or welding accessories.

Don’t forget to browse through our website and leave a comment/suggestion.

Our Team

Back in 2020, Jaxon and I started Welding Rage with me compiling and writing all the stuff while Jaxon was reviewing and testing the best welding machines with his welder friends.

Later, Grayson and Kevin joined us too. Let me just introduce you to us.

Website: WeldingRage.com

Contact: You can contact us for any expert advice or info using this Contact Form.